If you have a business partner – you need a Buy/Sell Agreement and a Planning Guide. Get this now, it could save you up to $3500.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Exit Strategy Systems That Work

Key Person Protection

What happens if your business partner dies tomorrow?

Who would you be in business with if it happened? Their spouse? Their financial and legal advisers?

What if it wasn’t your partner – what if it was you? How would your family’s rights be protected?

Have you got any personal guarantees? How have you provided for them to be cancelled?

How would you sort out the shareholder current accounts or loans?

Would the loss of your partner cause financial pain to the business?

Does your current Shareholder Agreement cover all these issues? Book in for a complimentary Shareholder Agreement audit to discover if it meets your needs.

Is financial security and peace of mind for your family important to you?

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My name is Barry Vincent and I have been working with companies like yours for over 25 years – helping protect the shareholders and their families.

You see, New Zealand is full of amazing companies, set up by amazing founders, but as they grow many neglect to plan their exit strategy.

Not just a planned exit – but what if the exit is forced upon you?

It may sound scary, but it happens more often than you think.

In an initial 15-minute call, you can find out how you can protect yours and your family’s financial futures.

Don’t just take my word for it

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How I work with you

Step 1: Clarity Call

In an initial 15-minute call, you can find out how you can protect yours and your family’s financial futures. Book your call here.

Step 2: Buy/Sell Action Plan

We are all busy people.
I am here to save you time and to make sure nothing is missed.

We pull together a clear action plan on 4 key factors:

  1. Financial MRI Scan (discovers your needs)
  2. Plan the Buy/sell Agreement (structuring your unique agreement)
  3. Funding options (where the money comes from)
  4. Apply for any insurance requirements when necessary and match to ACC and personal insurance.

Step 3: Review & Renew

Yearly review over a lunch meeting (or more often) as required to recognise and allow for growth and other changed circumstance. These meetings are at MY COST.


Ready to dive in? Book your Clarity Call now