PLUS – Achieve;-

  • CERTAINTY of outcome
  • CLARITY of your ACC entitlements
  • CONTROL of your ACC situation
  • CASH when you most need it
  • Investigate twenty possible ways in which you may be able to reduce your ACC levies
  • Manage your ACC accounts for you more effectively
  • Provide you with a suite of integrated risk management products
  • Spread your ACC Levy payments INTEREST FREE to help your cashflow


Is ACC driving you crazy? WE HAVE THE ANSWER FOR YOU

Our ACCONLINE  Managment System- Simple and affordable:

  • Checks your ACC situation against our 14 point checklist to identify ways you can save money on ACC levies
  • Identifies areas in which you can improve the benefits that you and your business are entitled to
    Makes the necessary changes for you
    •  Arranges a cost effective time payment option with ACC for you
    •  Sends you a report
    •  Sends you a direct debit to make your ACC Levy payments automatically – All you need to do is sign the direct debit and ACC authority and return them to us – that’s it! We do the rest for you – every year!

The benefits of ACC CoverPlusExtra


This is a tailored ACC cover for self-employed people and non-PAYE shareholder-employees

  • ACC CoverPlus Extrais the flexible agreed value alternative to ACC CoverPlus which enables you to negotiate your level of lost earnings cover. That way you know exactly what you’ll receive if you’re injured and can’t work – and it doesn’t matter whether the injury is work related.
  • There are NO OFFSETS for continuing income received from your business


ACC Levy invoices often seem to arrive when you can least afford to pay them.  Well the good news is that there are now several cost effective ways to spread your payments and ease you business cashflow. We can show you how to spread your ACC payments over 9 months – interest free. Contact us to find out how.

  • Do you split your business income for tax purposes?
  • Does your accountant work hard to minimise your taxable income?

If you answer “YES” to either of these questions, you could be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to an ACC claim. Talk to me about ways in which you can increase your chances of receiving a realistic payout if you are unable to work as a result of an accident

Alternatives to ACC

  • Key Person insurance
    • Allows you to continue to receive your normal income while you are unable to work through illness or injury
    • Pays your business expenses for up to three years if you are unable to work
    • Is NOT offset against ACC payments
    • Is Tax deductible
    • Pays you to employ a manger or locum to keep your business viable while you are away
  • Private income replacement policies are provided by most New Zealand life insurance companies.
    • These policies cover you for time off work due to illness as well as injury
  • ACC offers cover for ONLY injuries, not illness related claims
    • These policies usually offer more comprehensive benefits than ACC is able to provide
    • They are normally more flexible than ACC CoverPlus or Workplace Cover
    • Private Income Replacement policies normally offer benefits that pay you if you are not able to work for any reason due to illness OR accident.
  • Your Key Person and Private income replacement insurance can be largely offset by your ACC savings.


JEFF, a 31 year old builder –

Key Person insurance yearly premium $2,566
Private income protection savings -$687
Tax savings -$638
ACC Levy savings -$1,466
NET COST OF KEY PERSON INSURANCE (Fully paid for ) -$225


If you would like to have a chat about how this could work for you please let me know. CONTACT ME

 Is your business classification correct?

Around 20% of businesses are incorrectly classified. This is not surprising as there are 534 ACC business classifications with 2,366  sub classifications.

An incorrect classification can be costing you many thousands of dollars a year.


A firm of solicitors were classified as Slaughtermen and were paying $34,385 p.a. in ACC levies.

Their correct classification of Legal Services reduced their ACC levies to $2,242.50.

Contact us for a quick Classification Unit check to see how much you should be paying


Cabinet making firm, 2 partners $4,348 50%
Business Consultant $4,252 80%
Building company manager $2,873 77%
Doctor $2,750 81% Also obtained a cash refund of $11,060
Engineer $2,617 53%
Kitchen Manufacturer $4,487 42%
Transport Owner-driver $1,615 33%
Builder $11,011 92%
Electrician $2,593 40%
Plumber $3,694 70%
Construction Company $16,865 48%
Restaurant $3,121 25%
Construction Company $6,780 68% + a cash refund of $10,268


Complimentary E-Book – “Twenty Ways to Pay Less ACC Levies”  DOWNLOAD HERE