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Hopefully, you will reach the point when you have a valuable business and want to retire or to move on to other things. Having a planned exit strategy in place can make this an easy and profitable exercise. However, if the unthinkable were to happen and a tragic occurrence were to intervene in the meantime, could your business survive without you?

Would your family have sufficient finances to maintain their lifestyle? Many successful businesses are ruined after the death or disability of the main shareholder simply because of a lack of strategic planning.

Get the effective advice you need from expert financial advisor and experienced insurance broker Barry Vincent from Wealthbuilders. Barry can provide you with the means to future-proof your business and ensure your family’s continued financial security. Contact Wealthbuilders today for more information.

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    Altogether Barry has over 32 year’s experience as an adviser in the financial services industry. Barry uses three sources of independent research to ensure that clients receive unbiased advice around  risk protection. As he has operated his own businesses for many years, including dairy farming and a large horticultural enterprise, Barry understands the risk and pressures that business people face.