Build your exit strategy with our experienced financial advisor

Having a clear and well defined exit strategy for your business will help to protect your income streams and you and your family’s future. Wealthbuilders can provide business owners with a certain and predictable outcome. Cash, control and certainty are our keywords.

Barry Vincent from Wealthbuilders is a professional financial advisor and insurance broker who can make sure that you future proof the value of your business. Barry will assist with the planning of a business exit strategy that will ensure that key people are retained in the company and will provide a suite of integrated risk management options, including managing your ACC affairs more effectively and saving you money in this area. Contact Wealthbuilders today for more details.

An effective approach

Barry Vincent employs a simple but effective approach to providing you with the right solutions for the future of your business. He will take the time to identify your needs and core values before presenting you with strategies in a clear and easily understood manner. Barry will assist you in making informed decisions about the implementation of strategies and will keep you up to date and informed.

Plan for the future

To effectively future proof your business, some difficult questions must be considered.
  • If you had died or were disabled yesterday, who would own and operate your business today?
  • Would your business be able to provide income if you became disabled?
  • Would your business be in a position to provide income to your family in the event of your death?
  • Would your estate have sufficient liquid assets to pay creditors, extinguish personal guarantees, repay business and personal loans and pay other estate settlement costs?
Without advance planning, a small business may be forced to liquidate or may have to be sold at a greatly diminished value. A forced sale at a time of a tragic occurrence is not an ideal result. A grieving widow and family are not in the best mind space to negotiate a satisfactory settlement.

The three business continuation options

In planning to preserve the value of their business interests, business owners have three alternatives to evaluate. The objective of business continuation planning is to assist you in evaluating which of these alternatives would be suitable for your situation and to help provide the plan and funds needed to achieve the most suitable outcome for your business and family.

Option 1:

Continue trading profitably. This is the most desirable outcome in most situations.

Option 2:

Maintain the business value for a profitable sale. This may well be the best option for some business owners’ situation.

Option 3:

A controlled windup. This is sometimes the most practical option.

To find out more, please contact Barry Vincent at Wealthbuilders today.

What happens to co-owners/shareholders after a death or serious disablement?

Their expectations from the business are probably different from those of the remaining shareholders

  • Dividends vs salary increase
  • Dividends vs investments

Talk to us about managing these issues fairly and to give you a satisfactory outcome.

If these issues are not addressed, the financial burden that a tragic event can impose on a company will in many cases undermine the business and cause its demise. Wealthbuilders “in control” risk management and succession plan will highlight these areas of importance for you and enable you to make informed decisions as to how you are going to deal with these issues and give you control over outcomes.

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